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Hyena Conservation
    This section of Crocuta Central is dedicated to the protection of the hyena and its habitat.  Because of various environmental pressures, hyenas are becoming threatened.  Below is information on hyena conservation and related issues, as well as a list of hyena conservation organizations that are involved in protecting the spotted hyena.

The Importance of Conservation
    The protection of the spotted hyena is a very important issue.  Hyenas are sentient, intelligent animals, with emotions and feelings of their own.  They deserve to be treated with respect and to be allowed to live their lives in the way nature intended.  Besides this, hyenas have ecological and scientific value.  Ecologically, hyenas play a vital role in the natural balance, maintaining the numbers of herd animals to prevent overgrazing; put simply, hyenas are good for the Earth.  Scientifically, hyenas are important, as their behaviour and social system is unique among mammals.  For these reasons, it is a priority that hyenas are protected.
    Like most wild animals, the most serious threat to the spotted hyena is loss of habitat.  Development, especially cattle farming, is constantly destroying the habitat of hyenas and many other animals.  In addition, cattle farmers persecute large carnivores such as hyenas.  Illegal poaching of wild animals is also a threat; while hyenas are not always targetted by poachers, they are often trapped by indiscriminate and cruel snares.

Hyena Conservation Groups
    These organizations are actively involved in protecting the spotted hyena.  Please support hyena conservation efforts; these beautiful, intelligent animals need all the help they can get.  Even a small donation can make a difference.

Spotted Hyaena Research in Hwange, Zimbabwe
    This hyena research group is involved in both the scientific observation and the protection of the spotted hyena.  Their research goes into planning future conservation efforts.  The researchers also attach snare-proof protective collars to the hyenas to defend them against poaching.
(Swaziland Spotted Hyaena Project)
   The Swaziland Spotted Hyaena Project is a research group that studies the spotted hyena in order to create future conservation plans for hyenas.  They also relocate individual hyenas in dangerous areas to safer locations.  However, their website appears to be down; if anyone can supply their new web address, please send it via email to [SWIFTHYENA @ EWILDLIFE.ZZN.COM]

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